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Pretty Snake

Cryptids Summer Shirt Dress (XSmall - 3XL)

Cryptids Summer Shirt Dress (XSmall - 3XL)

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Cryptozoology has never been classier! Introducing this awesome button up short sleeve dress shirt from Pretty Snake. 100% cotton poplin with a modern fit they spent years perfecting. These gorgeous cryptids are illustrated by Julian Farmar-Bowers just for Pretty Snake! All of your friends are here: Sasquatch, bat boy, abominable snowman, mothman, loch ness monster, thunder bird, death worm, chupacabra, gremlin, alien, swamp monster, jersey devil, thylacine and wendigo. Plus Arachne!


Sizing info:

XS- 30-31" Bust, 28-30" Waist, 32-34" Hip

S- 32-35" bust, 32-34" waist, 36-38" hip

M- 36-38" bust, 35-37" waist, 39-41" hip

L- 39-41" bust, 38-40" waist, 42-44" hip

Xl- 42-44" bust, 42-44" waist, 45-47" hip

Xxl- 45-47" bust, 45-47" waist, 48-50" hip

3XL- 48-49" bust, 48-49" waist, 50-52" hip

Machine washable.

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